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  The roof slab of steel structure workshop adopts color steel plate, which is easy to use, but easy to rust and leak. In order to solve the problem of rust and water leakage in the workshop at one time and avoid some troubles when using the workshop, we need to use roof materials with better corrosion resistance.


  There are a lot of roofing materials in the market. The declaration can guarantee how long it will not rust or leak. But when you ask him why, they can't answer why. As long as the person who has covered the membrane tile with refined steel will tell you like treasure land, why the roof material is good, what's good about it, and what's the reason for everyone to choose it are all clear.


  The most outstanding anti-corrosion performance of the refined steel cladding tile is its anti-corrosion performance. It is an anti-corrosion factory roof tile with high-strength special steel plate or aluminum plate as the base material, composite anti-corrosion and heat insulation materials on both sides, and integrating anti-corrosion and heat preservation. In terms of corrosion protection, due to the special patent technology of fine steel "multi-layer compression composite corrosion protection technology", fine steel tile has good acid and alkali resistance, chemical medium resistance and other properties. It has been used in corrosive environment for more than 10 years, and its service life is more than 3 times that of color steel tile.



  In addition, the refined steel tile also has A-level performance such as high-efficiency heat insulation, heat preservation and energy saving, non dripping autumn and winter, noise reduction, sound insulation, fire prevention, etc., which is a good product.


  We need to confirm the construction period of the new anti-corrosion roof products first, so that we can better arrange which roof products to purchase. Generally, the construction period of the new type of anti-corrosion plate is relatively short. The second is to determine the product model you purchased. Only by determining the model, the manufacturer can calculate the number of anti-corrosion plates according to the production requirements, which is particularly important. After determining which product to purchase, determine the construction plan finally. After confirmation, a new production contract of anticorrosive plate can be signed and the deposit can be paid in advance. Then the manufacturer starts to produce and process, and the products are transported to the construction site after processing. The final payment shall be paid after acceptance. The above are some suggestions put forward by our company before and during the purchase of new anticorrosive plates. Welcome to consult and choose. According to the above process, we can buy the new anticorrosive plate products we want step by step, so as to ensure the quality of the products we buy.


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