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Speaking of Jinan color steel tile, I think we are very familiar with it. In our life, color steel tile is widely used. However, the transportation of color steel tile is a difficult problem, in the transportation process will also produce certain wear. Next, Jinan color steel tile factory will take you to understand the wear of color steel tile in the transportation process, hoping to help you!
1. First of all, there are regulations on vehicles. For the vehicles used to transport goods, it is necessary to select the appropriate type of transport vehicles according to the specifications, models and types of the wall panels in the machine room. Generally, large and medium-sized special trucks are used for transportation.
2. When loading the color steel tile wall, the wall panel and spare parts of the machine room should be packed in bulk according to the model, specification and type standards, and the binding should be firm and stable to avoid damage or scratch of the metal material surface.
3. In the whole process of transportation, the wall panel of the machine room should be tied up on the vehicle stably and firmly, and the temporary fixed measures such as wooden wedge should be applied to prevent the loosening and extrusion deformation caused by the car body shaking, so as to reduce the probability of damage or scratch on the metal surface of Jinan color steel tile. In addition, it should be noted whether the height width ratio of the transport plate exceeds that of the trolley And to carry out the relative work to avoid collapse.
4、开展将机房墙板捆扎汽车上的工作中时,采用同样板长的角铁或是角钢置放在高层机房墙板两侧的拐角处,那样可匀称分派绳子绑扎的工作压力,具有防止工作压力集中化而毁坏压磨(压凹)机房墙板的边沿。假如长距离运送或实时路况不佳运送时,则规定金属材料面机房墙板选用水准置放的方式 。
4. In the work of bundling the machine room wallboard on the car, the angle iron or angle steel with the same plate length is placed at the corner on both sides of the wall panel of the high-rise machine room, so as to evenly distribute the working pressure of the rope binding, and prevent the edge of the grinding machine room wall panel from being destroyed due to the concentration of the working pressure. If the long-distance transportation or real-time road conditions are not good, it is required that the metal material surface machine room wallboard should be placed horizontally.
5. When the color steel tile is used in the special wall thick steel plate of the heavy lift machine room, the length of the support point of the steel panel wall is not suitable for more than 1 or 0 meters, so as to ensure that the raw materials are not easy to be deformed and damaged.
If there is a board wall over two meters above, the opposite plate shall be picked out and bound at the tail end to prevent damage to the panel wall of the main machine room due to the wave vibration at the tail end of the car.
6. When the color steel tile is transported, both sides should be extended separately to prevent the surface air oxide film or coating from being damaged.
The above is Jinan color steel tile factory finishing a few points about Jinan color steel tile in the process of transportation wear, I believe that through this description, you can have a certain understanding and understanding of color steel tile, hope the above content can help you. In addition, if you want to know more about it, you can pay more attention to our website.

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