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House leakage is a common problem in rainy season. Although the progress of modern construction technology has greatly alleviated the leakage of houses, for temporary houses like Jinan color steel plate houses, the leakage phenomenon is relatively serious. So what are the main causes of this phenomenon? Let's take a look at it.
1. In the process of production and transportation, the color steel tile is deformed. The quality of the color board is poor, and the color board is deformed due to the roof structure.
2. Wind and rain and other external forces lead to long-term vibration of colored steel tile roof, which causes long-term wear of nail holes and iron sheet joints, and rust in rain. And then wear and rust, more and more serious.
3. Why do self tapping screws with rubber pads still seep? First, rubber pads are damaged by self tapping screws in the construction process. Second, the rubber pad aging quickly, will soon lose the waterproof effect.
4. The main reasons for the deformation of Jinan color steel plate roof are: large roof span, water accumulation in the middle, and increased gravity. The more rain, the more serious the deformation, even roof collapse. Mineral wool roof has water absorption function. On rainy days, all the rainwater leaking from the roof is gathered in mineral wool, which adds weight. When the roof is very hot in summer, the heavy rain suddenly comes, which leads to the sudden drop of color plate temperature and the rapid contraction of color plate, resulting in deformation of color plate and loosening of nails.
5. Water seepage at the foot of high and low span roof: use cement to wipe the splayed angle, and use sealant or waterproof coating for waterproof protection. Cracks occur when cement does not bind to metal. Small elongation of the coating or sealant can also cause large cracks.
6. Why does the waterproof sealant still cause water seepage? The weather resistant sealant needs to shrink during curing, which may lead to the separation of sealant and frame. If there is dust in the frame, this situation will be more serious. The long-term high temperature of color steel roof accelerates the aging of weather resistant adhesive. This kind of metal material expands when heated and shrinks many times when it is cold, and the weather resistant adhesive will soon fail.
7. Why does the waterproof coating leak after two years of repair? The fluidity of waterproof coating leads to uneven coating thickness during construction, and it is not easy to find cracks. In addition, roof vibration causes low elongation and cracks in the coating. In the construction process of waterproof coating, the work is shortened, the thickness of coating is too thin, and the coating is aging and cracking quickly.
Jinan color steel plate
What are the main reasons for the water leakage of Jinan color steel plate houses? I believe that after reading this article, you should have the answer in mind, hoping to help you. In addition. If you want to know more about color steel products knowledge, welcome to pay attention to our website dynamic.
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