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Nowadays, the convenience and quickness of color steel tiles are loved by everyone, so there are still more people who use color steel tiles to build houses. In addition to the use of colored steel tiles on construction sites and some factories, people often use colored steel tiles to build houses in some rural areas. However, in recent years, some places have explicitly prohibited the use of colored steel tiles to build houses, so renovation and reconstruction have been carried out. Next, the small editor of Jinan color steel tile factory will talk about why we can't use color steel tiles to build houses?
1. Service life
As we all know, the color steel tile is made of relatively light and thin steel plate. The color of the color steel tile commonly seen in life is mainly blue and brick red. The color steel tile can be divided into single layer and double layer. There is a layer of foam interlayer in the middle of the double-layer color steel tile. The double-layer color steel tile is more insulated than the single-layer color steel tile.
According to the Xiaobian, the service life of color steel tile is limited by time, and the service life is generally 8-10 years, so the service life of color steel tile is relatively short. Friends who have used color steel tiles to build houses should know that they are exposed to the sun and rain. Some color steel tiles are oxidized and damaged before their service life reaches 8-10 years. Therefore, it is really good to install tiles when building a house with colored steel tiles, but it is troublesome and expensive to replace the tiles frequently.
2. Not resistant to wind
Anyone who has seen the color steel tiles knows that the color steel tiles are relatively thin, even if they are double-layer ones. People choose the color steel tiles to build houses because they are light and fast. However, its advantages are just its disadvantages. The light and thin color steel tiles indicate that they are not wind resistant. When you pass through the houses covered with color steel tiles, you can hear the sound of the wind blowing the color steel tiles. Sometimes, when the wind is strong, the color steel tiles will be blown by the wind. The color steel tiles are made of steel. If blown by the wind, it is very dangerous and easy to hurt people.
3. High noise
When it rains, the color steel tile house will make a lot of noise, which is also a disadvantage of the color steel tile house. I believe everyone knows this feeling. Therefore, the color steel tile house is very unfriendly on rainy days and will seriously affect the quality of sleep.
4. Potential safety hazards
First, it will cause fire hazards. It is also introduced that the color steel tiles can be divided into single layer and double layer. There is foam interlayer in the middle of the two layers. As we all know, foam is easy to ignite. Therefore, if the color steel tiles are used to build a house, improper cooking in the house may cause a fire. In case of a fire, the interlayer in the middle of the tiles will emit harmful gas, which is relatively harmful to the body. Secondly, it will cause potential safety hazards. The colored steel tiles are relatively light and easy to be blown by the wind. If they are blown away by the wind, it is very dangerous to the pedestrians on the road. If they happen to hit the pedestrians, the consequences are unimaginable.
Since there are problems, there are solutions. If the color steel tiles have been used to build houses, there are only two solutions. One is to remove the color steel tiles and replace them. However, this method is time-consuming, laborious and costly. The other is to cover the tiles on the original roof. This method is time-saving and labor-saving. Take the color stone metal tiles as an example. As long as the tiles are connected to the color steel tiles, this problem can be solved without removing the original roof, which is beautiful and beautiful. For more information, please visit our website Consult and understand.

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