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Color steel tiles are suitable for the roof, wall and interior and exterior wall decoration of industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings and large-span steel structure houses, and have been widely used. The characteristics of color steel tiles need to be paid more attention during installation. Jinan color steel tile factory will explain the reasons for this.
1. Because the color steel tile is very light, it is generally very simple to install. However, we should pay attention not to walk on the colored steel tiles during installation, and take safety measures even when walking. Because it can not bear the weight of the human body, it is easy to step on empty, which is very dangerous.
2. Pay attention to the weather conditions when installing the color steel tiles. Bad weather will have a bad impact on the installation of the color steel tiles. The color steel tiles are very slippery. In addition, rain and snow will further improve the smoothness of the color steel tiles, which is more likely to cause safety accidents.
3. When installing color steel tiles, the frame to be built must be firm, and safety warning signs shall be made to prevent accidents caused by falling objects from high altitude when installing color steel tiles.
Installation steps:
(1) Install the sealing strip ridge tile eave cover: separate the sealing strip in two, press the ridge tile on the roof according to the tile type and fix it with special nails; The joint of side tiles shall be directly covered with ridge tiles after sealing with cement, and the ridge tiles shall be closed with small tiles; The lower end of the tile, i.e. the eaves, is directly installed with an eaves cover and fixed with screws; At the junction of ridge tiles, the control interface shall be trimmed with scissors and then overlapped and sealed with glass glue.
(2) Inclined surface connection and installation refers to the construction of installing water receiving treatment at the bottom after the two roof tiles are cut off according to the angle and length. First, install water receiving material (i.e. gutter) under the tiles, and then use waterproof adhesive or cement for finishing treatment.
(3) For the waterproof treatment of the protruding part, a V-shaped material can be made first. Different materials and specifications can be selected, depending on the actual situation. After the bottom of the water connection is installed, color steel tiles are laid on the top.
(4) Proper use of special nails: special nails need to be hit in the middle of tile bone to have waterproof effect; The fixed interval of special nails is 50cm-100cm (4 pieces / M); The special nail must be driven from the lower end of the tile to the roof to have a beautiful, sealed and orderly effect.
The color steel tile has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, rich color, convenient and fast construction, earthquake resistance, fire protection, rain protection, long service life, and maintenance free. If you have any needs or are interested in learning more about this, please come to our website Consult!

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