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Nowadays, the construction color steel plate industry has achieved remarkable development. A variety of Jinan color steel plates have appeared on the market, but for consumers, these color steel plates are dazzling and used in a hurry. So today, I will explain to you the process requirements for color steel plate installation.
1. Fixing of aluminum groove: setting out and positioning are required before fixing aluminum. The deviation shall not exceed 5 mm. The aluminum shall be fixed with M5x30 core pulling aluminum rivet, and the indirect length shall not exceed 300 mm. Double rivet shall be set at the position with door opening, and the spacing shall not exceed 50 mm
2. Fixation of T-shaped lifting beam: the fixed lifting weights shall be positioned along the setting out position, with the spacing not greater than 1.20m. When fixing the T-shaped beam on the connecting Jinan color steel plate, it needs to be compressed with angle aluminum or angle iron, and no gap is allowed. The pressed solid needs to be on the joint of two color steel plates
3. Air vent installation: The air vent shall be installed on the ceiling in accordance with the drawings to avoid "T" beam. The air outlet and return air outlet on the wall shall be installed 200 mm above the ground.
4. Appearance requirements: the overall installation shall be straight and beautiful without collision and scratch marks. The protective film must not be torn off later. The joints shall be connected in a horizontal manner with a spacing of 3-4 mm. Glue shall be applied to all joints and shall be straight without gaps.
5. Each top and fixed plate needs to be fixed with 3 drilling screws. The joint between the fixed plate and the vertical plate shall be fixed up and down with pull nails. During construction, the joints need to be vertical.
6. Installation of doors and windows: the installation position and opening direction of doors and windows shall be determined according to the drawing requirements. Single door shall be on the same color steel plate as far as possible, and the center line of double door shall be on the plate joint as far as possible, so that the color steel plate after cutting can be used as the door plate. Door and window profiles shall be closely connected without gaps, and the reserved size of the entire door ring shall be uniform.
7. Fixation of inner and outer arcs: the connection with the color steel plate needs to be sealed, the outer arc column is not connected, the inner arc connection point is in good position, and the gap is sealed.
The above content is the process requirements for the installation of Jinan color steel plate, and I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about color steel plate, please follow our website Dynamic.
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