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As we all know, waterproofing is very important when repairing the roof of the steel structure workshop. Even the waterproofing of color steel tiles on the roof is no exception. Many people now choose color steel tiles as roof tiles, so some people will ask how to do waterproofing on color steel tiles? Now, the editor of Jinan Color Steel Tile Factory will give an answer to this question, hoping to help you.
Is color steel tile waterproof?
The color steel tile workshop is mainly a steel structure building. At the beginning, the metal roof waterproof system is made of metal plates and mainly drained by drainage channels. However, due to the impact of various natural conditions such as environment and climate, the color steel tile will rust and leak after a long time of use. At this time, it is necessary to conduct waterproof renovation and maintenance in time. Then introduce the waterproof material selection and construction process of color steel tile to everyone.
1. Color steel tiles can resist earthquake and heat. But it has no waterproof effect, but when the house built with colored steel tiles leaks, it can do waterproof work. The waterproof work can be done by using excellent waterproof paint. Apply the waterproof paint on both sides of the color steel tile. If there are holes or cracks in the color steel tile, it should be timely treated by using one cloth and two coats around the holes or cracks.
2. If you want to use paint with color, we recommend that you use acrylic waterproof paint. But if you don't have more requirements for color, you can use SBS modified asphalt waterproof paint for treatment, but it is not recommended to use SBS coiled materials. Considering the quality of color steel tiles, the coiled materials will add weight to the whole roof, which is difficult to repair once aging. In addition, when doing waterproof work for color steel tile, we also need to consider how the anti-aging performance of the material is.
How to make waterproof on color steel tile?
The waterproof of metal roof shall be treated with the method of "three coats and one cloth" (waterproof coating and polyester cloth).
Clean the base course → maintain and reinforce the base surface → apply the first layer of waterproof primer → lay reinforced polyester cloth → apply the second layer of waterproof primer → paint the closed surface of the system → finish inspection and repair.
1. Brush a waterproof primer on the pretreated base surface. When it is wet, lay the reinforced polyester cloth of predetermined specification, and brush the second layer of waterproof primer on its surface to ensure that the coating is fully saturated with the polyester cloth and connected with the first layer of primer. When brushing, apply proper force to ensure that the coating is free of bubbles and wrinkles. Make the whole waterproof system closely fit with the base surface;
2. After the surface of the whole waterproof system is completely dry, a layer of surface sealing isolation paint shall be applied;
3. Check all painted parts, and timely repair any construction defects such as small holes and missed coating. Make the whole roof into a seamless integral structure to achieve seamless and leaky;
Here is the introduction of the knowledge about how to make the color steel tile waterproof. I believe that you can complete the waterproof project according to the above methods when making the color steel tile waterproof, so we must be familiar with this knowledge, so that we can better help us to carry out the construction. Follow us Learn more about it!

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