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Many roof corrosion problems of color steel tiles have emerged after several years of use. At first, the factory owner did not pay much attention to it, but a little corrosion did not affect the normal production of the factory. However, with the serious corrosion, water leakage in the plant directly affects the production of the plant. In fact, we can do a good job of refurbishment, maintenance and repair of color steel tiles in advance by many methods before corrosion occurs. Next, Jinan Color Steel Tile Factory will explain it to you.
The same is true for the renovation of color steel tiles on the roofs of industrial plants. As long as we pay a little attention to regular inspection and maintenance, we can effectively prolong the service life of color steel tiles. If you want good quality, you must start from the source. It is important to choose the material wine at the beginning of color steel tile construction. It is recommended to choose a brand color steel tile. The brand often represents quality. The quality of the original factory baking varnish is also relatively durable and has a long service life. Routine maintenance will also be simpler
Occasionally go to the roof lap joint to see if there is any possibility of water leakage. After several years of use, the color steel tile will be more or less deformed, and there will be gaps at the overlapping position, which will lead to rain water slowly seeping in, which will slowly lead to internal corrosion and water leakage. At this time, waterproof treatment should be done again at the overlapping joint position.
Regularly check that the roof gutter drainage ditch is cleaned and dredged in time to ensure smooth water flow. Arrange the commissioner to be responsible for the regular removal of animal debris and sludge from the gutter. Once the gutter is blocked, it will lead to water accumulation, which will aggravate the corrosion of the eaves and slowly erode other colored steel tiles. As a result, there are problems such as water leakage due to corrosion penetration.
If serious corrosion has occurred, professional polishing and rust removal must be carried out, and then the color steel tile shall be renovated and cured by spraying primer and finish paint. The renovation and repair of color steel tiles must have been determined after the survey of the construction site. Don't blindly find a construction site to start the renovation, which can only cure the symptoms rather than the root causes. After spending every period of time, you may have to start over again. All human time is cost.
Therefore, the daily maintenance of color steel tiles is very necessary, which can prolong the service life of color steel tiles and reduce the cost of future renovation. More relevant content will come to our website Consult and understand!

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