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In the current market trend, beauty, firmness and ease of use are still a theme, and under this theme, color steel plate is undoubtedly more satisfying. Therefore, at present, the market proportion of Jinan color steel plate is still increasing.
Because the color steel plate is light in weight, has excellent thermal insulation characteristics, low heat transfer coefficient, and very high compressive strength, so if the house uses this decorative building material in the building industry, it can save the column and beam, and the color of the house built by this color steel plate is generally very bright, resulting in the surface layer without decorative design, which is very beautiful.
Moreover, such an engineering construction can maintain it for 10 to 15 years. The service life is very long, which is very suitable for a choice of contemporary people. It is very durable.
Generally, the construction period of such engineering buildings constructed of color steel plates is also very short. Compared with ordinary housing, it can be reduced by more than 40%. And the span of temperature is also very large. The resistance to ultra-low temperature can reach minus 70 degrees, and the resistance to high temperature can generally reach about 120 degrees, which also makes this kind of decorative building materials can also be used as the basic construction of the frozen warehouse. Therefore, in the current application, the use area of color steel plate is also very common.
With the rapid development of the times, there are more and more demands for color steel plates. However, each manufacturer is also in the process of continuous research and development. Therefore, it has various specifications, models and colors, so it is easy to meet your requirements.
Frankly speaking, color steel plate has many obvious characteristics, such as: the weight is only 10 to 14 Kg per square meter, which is equivalent to one third of the wall. The high compressive strength can be used as the ceiling, the fireplace structure, the furniture plate load, the pressure and bending strength, the color is rich and colorful, there are a variety of different colors, can meet the different requirements of customers.
The project construction can save time and effort, reduce the cycle time of project construction, seismic grade, fire safety, waterproof and rainproof, and long service life. This advantage is enough to prove that it has a stable influence in the market, and can also allow a large number of people to enjoy the good fortune it provides. Come to our website if you need Consult!
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