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If the colored steel tile has been used for a long time, some places have rusted and leaked. The acid and alkali corrosion from industrial discharge will cause slight corrosion and leakage, and in serious cases, the whole color steel tile will fall off, affecting the normal operation. The service life of color steel tile is shortened. If you change the colored steel tile after wearing rust, it will not only affect your normal production, but also be very expensive.
The leakage part of the color steel tile roof shall be subject to systematic waterproofing, mainly including the screw hole of the color steel tile, the overlap of the color steel tile, the roof joint of the color steel tile and the cornice of the gutter.
Color steel roof has been damaged by environment and climate for a long time. The temperature difference of the climate causes the shrinkage and deformation of the colored steel tile. In addition, strong wind and rainstorm lead to long-term vibration of color steel roof. The nail holes and joints of the iron sheet will be worn for a long time, resulting in damage to the rubber pad and serious water leakage.
Jinan Color Steel Tile Factory found that some roofs have a large span, and water will accumulate in the middle and gravity will increase in the middle. The more the rain, the more serious the roof deformation. Some roofs are made of mineral wool and can absorb water.
In rainy days, all the rainwater leaked from the roof will gather in the mineral wool, increase the weight, and even cause the roof to collapse. Water seepage at the corners of the parapet high and low span roof. During the initial waterproof construction, cement shall be used to smooth the splay corners, and sealant or waterproof coating shall be used for waterproof protection. The cement is not combined with metal, which is easy to produce cracks. The small elongation of sealant or coating will also produce large cracks.
It is easy and difficult to deal with "gutter waterproofing", and it is difficult to find the essential leakage point. Because the design size and width of the gutter are different, the construction difficulty is also different, and some are too narrow. It is necessary to cut off the redundant colored steel tile cornice and wrap the entire gutter.
There are generally two aspects of drainage pipe leakage. First, the gutter design is unreasonable, the sludge accumulation is too thick, the drainage is not timely, and the residual water is soaked for a long time, resulting in the gutter leakage. As long as the gutter is cleaned and washed regularly every year, there will not be too much ash accumulation in the gutter, and the rainwater can also be drained in time without wear. Come to our website for more relevant content consulting service

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